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Referrals are Transferred Trust.

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Every business owner knows that Referrals are the best advertising. Your customers really ARE your best sales people. But let's go a little deeper and ask "Why" they are the best.

The real reason is that that they are able to transfer Trust immediately. Zig Ziglar said that "selling is nothing more than a transference of feeling." And he noted that we buy what we "Believe." (See "Secrets of Closing the Sale", Berkley Books, New York, by Zig Ziglar) This is Trust.

Your customers ARE your Reputation. Take care of them.

One of the key feelings needed in order for us to feel comfortable engaging in a buying decision is the feeling that we "Trust" the person or company selling the product. Transferring that does not come easily, even for a seasoned sales professional. But it DOES Transfer easily between friends and family. This is Reputation.

For a business to thrive and develop a valuable Reputation, it must Invest in building the bridges of Trust. It must be a commitment that starts at the top of your organization. But is also must be shared by every single member of the team, permeating every facet of your daily operations.

When it does, your customers will instinctively recognize it. And they will, in fact, be an extension of your business, sharing and reinforcing your Reputation. Your best sales people by far!

Get a glimpse here of what goes on in the shop at Bel Covo during a staff meeting to reinforce that commitment. Enjoy!


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