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Repairs & Resurfacing

historic home porch repair stained concrete overlay
mediterranean interior stained concrete overlay

If your design calls for the look of conventional stained concrete flooring but your slab is an unsuitable candidate, we can resurface the cement and create a new slate for staining. In most cases, this resurfaced concrete can be more beautiful than a standard concrete slab ever would. Our process allows us to hide imperfections, damage and repairs, resulting in the look of a new concrete slab.

retail concrete repair and overlay

Sometimes tearing out a defective existing slab just isn't an option. Reparing defects requires knowledge of products, chemistry, physics and careful planning with a view of the intended final use or floorcovering.  Product and process selection are the keys to successful and stable repairs. If it matters enough to pay for it, then it matters enough to plan it out.  We can assist you in eliminating unnecessary costs while ensuring that what dollars you spend are spent well. 

flagstone concrete patio overlay resurface

It is hard to beat natural stone as a beautiful and durable patio surface. However, installations over existing concrete can be pricey and sometimes impractical due to the added height of the floor surface. Our simulated flagstone adds less than 1/8" of height to an existing slab and can be installed over virtually any competent piece of concrete flatwork.

driveway repair brick pattern overlay

Brick and cobblestone installations can be extremely expensive and costly to maintain. Our professional installers can create the authentic look and feel of brickwork on driveways, porches, patios and interior spaces without the hassle of replacing and cleaning old mortar.

Compass Rose Cement Overlay Artwork with Textured Surface

If your project requires custom artwork, designs or graphics but also needs the durability of a concrete surface, we can provide the design and installation or work from your drawings and/or artwork.

conference room concrete repair epoxy yellow

Sometimes available colors from manufacturers simply will not do. We offer a wide variety of custom coloring options and will be glad to help you arrive at just the right method for your specific needs.

residential kitchen epoxy metallic copper

Some concrete slabs have damage which makes them unsuitable for conventional concrete staining or polishing. In these cases, you may want to consider our custom epoxy resin coatings as an alternative.

Faux Wood Grain Exterior Cement Overlay

Particularly in exterior applications where the look and feel of wood flooring is desirable but impractical due to climate and moisture intrusion, we can create custom wood grain concrete surfaces out of hybrid cement which look like authentic wood flooring but can withstand the elements without damage.

Some projects require special attention. The concrete slab may be damaged to the point that it is no longer a good candidate for polishing or conventional stained concrete. Other projects may need special design work, textures, artwork and logos, or other "one-off" types of work. If your project cannot be fulfilled by one of our other three services, you may inquire about custom designs and options.

Allow us to help you determine whether the intended use of your floor would require installation of custom flooring.


Any custom work should be scheduled at least 30 days in advance, particulary since any custom work would require drawings and/or custom samples. The process of creating designs, building mock-ups, and submitting for submitting for review and approval can take as much as two weeks.

Finish Options

Our custom work can be finished in a variety of textures, colors and patterns and protected with your choice of available clearcoats. The intended use of the space may dictate the appropriate specifications but our sales representatives are a wealth of knowledge and experience and can assist you in making the best overall decision.

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