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Uncover the Promise of Concrete
with Bel Covo®

A new standard of excellence for discerning tastes


The Cardinal Series

The Apex of Polished Concrete

Unlike typical stained concrete floors, we avoid the need or use of a thin topical clear coat. Our Cardinal staining process means that there is nothing between your feet and your luxurious concrete floor.  Polished concrete flooring is versatile, durable, and easier to maintain than other types of coated surfaces.

The RESA Series

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Tired of broken or loose tiles and filthy grout lines and want something that can stand up to high-traffic commercial use? The RESA Series Resinous flooring systems from Bel Covo are seamless, slip resistant and antimicrobial. These are ideal alternatives to ceramic tile for restaurant kitchens and bathrooms, medical facilities, animal care, schools and high-traffic ingress and egress locations.

Expertise On Demand

Concrete Repairs & Resurfacing

Sometimes existing slabs need extensive repairs just to establish a suitable substrate for any subsequent floor covering, whether carpet, vinyl, LVT or wood.  Even if your plans do not call for concrete flooring, Bel Covo has the expertise and experience to make complicated or extensive repairs that will provide a lasting and stable substrate for your flooring installers.


Discover Your Options

Dive deeper into our top concrete flooring options by downloading our detailed PDF guide. This resource will provide you with a thorough understanding of each option's unique features, advantages, and drawbacks.


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